Assist is the macro process representing the processes associated with providing support to customers and potential customers. This includes pre- and post-sales support.

Assist processes provide value to customers and enhance customer intimacy depending on the type of assistance requested:

Assistance Type Assist Input Process Output
  • Inquiry
  • Information request
  • Respond
  • Information
  • Claims
  • Customer issue
  • Customer complaint
  • Resolve
  • Refund
  • Return/Replacement
  • Custom Solutions
  • Inquiry
  • Support request
  • Problem solving
  • Customization
  • Information
  • Solution
  • Training
  • Advisory
  • Quality issue
  • Recall advise
  • Notify
  • Recall
  • Repair
  • Replace

Assist covers customer service activities as well as technical support services: For example in the Chemical industry: technical support for application of a product in a customer's production process.

Use cases

  • Self-service website - Customer portal, online helpdesk, mobile support app, support chat
  • Call Center - Telephone answering service, helpdesk service, after-hours support, customer service
  • Customer Service Departments - Helpdesk, order desk
  • Technical Support Teams - Remote, traveling or customer in-house technical support staff
  • Product recalls - Defective devices or vehicles (hardware), health risks for food or medications, bug fixes for devices or software
  • In Retail: Customer Service Desk


Assist with Custom Solution (A3) processes may include application of the product at the customer, however true installation services are typically described using Supply Chain processes by a service version of the Make process. Similarly a call center may receive an inquiry about a product return (A1) and route the customer to the Supply Chain process for Returns (S4). t:I2Q Customer Relationship Management System


SSOSales and Support Operations0SSO
A1Assist with Inquiry2A1
A2Assist with Claim2A2
A3Assist with Custom Solution2A3
A4Assist with Advisory2A4


CRM(S)Customer Relationship Management SystemCRM(S)


Assist Sales and Support Operations 3400000 1 Sales, Support, Agent, Customer, Service, Assistance, Call Center, Warranty, Claim, Return, Self Service, Pro-active, Recall, Sales & Support Providing support to customers and potential customers. This includes pre- and post-sales support. Customer assistance is offered based on inquiries, issues and claims or pro-actively for recalls or product updates