EDIFACT Instruction Contract Status (IFTMCS)

Electronic Instruction Contract Status message (Bill of Lading) in the UN/EDIFACT format.

"A message from the party providing the transport/forwarding services to the party that issued the instructions for those services stating the actual details, terms and conditions (charges when applicable) of the service and of the consignment involved. In addition it can be used for the exchange of contract information between carriers mutually."

Use Cases

The EDI ANSI X12 equivalents are EDI 110 Air Freight Details and Invoice, t:211, EDI 310 Freight Receipt and Invoice (Ocean).


EDIFACT is Copyright United Nations. Electronic Data Interchange


EDIFACTEDI For Administration, Commerce and Trade2EDIFACT
IFTMCSEDIFACT Instruction Contract Status (IFTMCS)3IFTMCS


BOLBill of LadingBOL
110EDI 110 Air Freight Details and Invoice110
310EDI 310 Freight Receipt and Invoice (Ocean)310
EDIElectronic Data InterchangeEDI
EDIFACT Instruction Contract Status (IFTMCS) EDI For Administration, Commerce and Trade 3 3 BOL, Bill of Lading, Shipping, Documents, Carrier, Shipper, EDI, UN, UNIFACT, Transport, Logistics, Supply Chain The electronic bill of lading or fright invoice in the UN/EDIFACT format