Form, Fit & Seal

Form, Fit & Seal is a Term used in the packaging industry to aggregate the ability to pack materials, typically in a single machine. The process includes cutting a bag to size, sealing the bottom, filling the bag, printing and attaching a label, or printing data on the bag and sealing the top.

Use Cases

  • Building materials - adhesive, grout, gypsum, silica, limestone, talc, clay, dry mortar mix and/or sand
  • Chemicals - plastic pellets, polymers, resin, fertilizers, pigments, and extra fine chemicals
  • Pet food and feed - pet food, feeds, seeds, and feed ingredients


Form, Fit & Seal 0 0 Packaging, Bagging, Bags, Warehouse, Logistics, Supply Chain The aggregation of the activities of packing product in bags where the bags is created (typically by cutting a sleeve to size), sealing the bottom, filling the bag and sealing the top