Statement of Comprehensive Income

A Statement of Comprehensive Income is a statement of the Financial performance of a business or organization over a given time.

Alternative names for Statement of Comprehensive Income include: Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income, Income Statement, Profit & Loss Statement

Related Financial Statements include: Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Cash Flows, Statement of Changes in Equity.

Illustrative Example

A typical Statement of Comprehensive Income consists of the following:

Statement of Comprehensive Income




  Comprehensive Income from Operating Activities
    Revenue 390,000 355,000
    Cost of Goods Sold (Cost of Sales) (238,000) (219,500)
    Gross Profit 152,000 135,500
    Other Operating Income 20,667 11,300
    Distribution Costs (9,000) (8,700)
    Administrative Expenses (20,000) (21,000)
    Other Expenses (2,100) (1,200)
    Profit before Tax 161,667 128,000
    Income Tax Expense (40,417) (32,000)
    Profit from Continued Operations 121,250 96,000
    Losses from Discontinued Operations (30,500)
  Profit 121,250 65,500
  Other Comprehensive Income
    Items Not To Be Reclassified
      Gains on Property Revaluation 933 3,367
      Investments in Equity Instruments (24,000) 26,667
      Remeasurements of Defined Benefit Pension Plans (667) 1,333
      Gain (Loss) on Property Revaluation of Associates 400 (700)
      Income Tax Relating to Items Not To Be Reclassified 5,834 (7,667)
    Items Not To Be Reclassified (17,500) 23,000
    Items that May Be Reclassified
      Exchange Differences on Foreign Operations 5,334 10,667
      Cash Flow Hedges (667) (4,000)
      Income Tax Relating to Items that May Be Reclassified (1,167) (1,667)
    Items that May Be Reclassified 3,500 5,000
  Other Comprehensive Income (14,000) 28,000
Total Comprehensive Income 107,250 93,500

Example based on IFRS Taxonomy Illustrative Examples Supply Chain Costs Other Operational Expenses International Financial Reporting Standards


CO1Supply Chain Costs1CO1
CO11Cost of Goods Sold2CO11
CO12Distribution Costs2CO12
CO13Other Operational Expenses2CO13


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