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Logins for OpenReference are limited to our administrators only. Authors, editors and other community members log in to our development wiki: Template:DevOR.

Our mission is to develop and share a standard language for business (the 'OpenReference'). OpenReference is Open Standards for anyone to access, use, modify, and share — subject to measures that preserve provenance and openness. The OpenReference wiki provides access to its content without a login.

OpenReference Initiative maintains two wiki sites:

  • OpenReference; this is where we publish the current, released, version of our content - No login required to read, copy or print
  • Template:DevOR; this is where we develop the content we publish on the OpenReference wiki - Login required to author, edit or otherwise participate; No login required to read, copy or print

You are currently attempting to log in on the OpenReference wiki. Navigate to our Template:DevOR wiki.

Why Logins Are Not Required Here

Logging in is not required for viewing pages, all OpenReference content is the same with or without a login. Logins are required for us (the administrators) to maintain the wiki. If you are reading this page you are probably not one of our administrators.

If you feel you require a login to the OpenReference (not the Template:DevOR), please Contact us with the reasons why you believe you require a login. We will evaluate each request and send a response within 5 business days.

When and Where Logins Are Required

Logging in is required for editing content, but editing content is done on our development wiki: Template:DevOR. Navigate to the Template:DevOR wiki to log in and participate.

Logging in is required on OpenReference and Template:DevOR for the administrators of the wiki. The administrator logins are generally for systems maintenance purposes only. Systems maintenance tasks ensure that the wiki is working properly for all, content is up-to-date, and internet and search engine optimization standards are met. These specialized tasks are not granted to the general public, authors or editors as a rule.