Master Production Schedule

A Master Production Schedule or MPS is a plan that describes the net amounts to be produced (Make, Manufacture, Remanufacture, Repair or Recycle). This typically includes all produced parts and products and is the result of balancing the demand for Make products with the availability of materials, equipment and manpower.

The MPS is typically an output of the P3 (P3) process and serves as input to the Production/Manufacturing Scheduling processes (M101, M202, M303).


Relationship to MRP: In many use cases MPS and MRP influence each other. The output of a MRP run may include the gross Make requirements needed to calculate/create the MPS. The MPS is one of the inputs to the MRP process.

Plan versus Schedule. The Master Production Schedule is in fact a Production Plan. Plans differ from schedules on two key characteristics: the horizon and time buckets. Master Production Schedules typically extend well beyond a few days: months in weekly buckets or weeks in daily buckets. A schedule is a fine-tuning of a plan and typically takes sequencing, flow, resource availability and/or queueing constraints into consideration: days within weeks or shifts within days.


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P3Plan Make2P3
P301Gather Demand for Make3P301
P302Gather Inventory & Schedule3P302
P303Calculate Production Plan3P303
P304Publish Production Plan3P304
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Master, Production, Plan, Schedule, Supply Chain, Manufacturing Plan describing the net amounts to be produced, manufactured, remanufactured, repaired and/or recycled